Let Landlord Thermostats ‘Tenant’ Thermostats Greatly Reduce Your Energy Costs

Are you tired of tenants changing thermostat settings, thereby costing you energy and money? If so, you have come to the right place.

Today, it has become very common to include utility bills in the rent. Hence, tenants don’t have to pay for any additional energy costs, thereby giving them no incentive to stop manipulating their home temperature settings.

However, landlords and property managers cannot quite have the same luxury! They have to bear these additional expenditures, which will quickly eat up into their potential profits. Some reports indicate that every degree above 70 increases energy costs by 7 percent to 10 percent, adding up to unpleasantly high numbers. Therefore, it becomes very important to seek a solution that prevents tenants from manipulating thermostat settings.

Tamper-resistant, easy-to-install and cost-effective thermostats with preset limits for the heating and air conditioning settings are just the solution for your tenant-woes, having the potential to save thousands of dollars annually.

we are proud to present their tenant thermostats that are good for your pocket and great for your peace of mind!

Why Opt for Our “Tenant’ Thermostats

We make thermostats exclusively for landlords, rental owners and property managers.  Our thermostats are engineered with unchangeable set point limits, with the highest heat and lowest A/C limit programmed within the printed circuit board itself.

These limits cannot be changed by anyone…not even us!

With a less than hundred dollar investment and a five minute installation, you can reduce energy costs by around 30% . Our tamper resistant thermostats are utilized in housing agencies, resorts, rental properties and universities across the world.

Choose Our Thermostats and start keeping your tenants in check today.

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