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Welcome to Chicago Controls Thermostats - Home of the Patent Pending Tamper proof Thermostat for Landlords

Chicago Controls Thermostats provides temperature limiting thermostats like Tamper Proof Thermostat, Landlord Thermostats, lockable thermostat, locking thermostat, thermostat security, tamper proof thermostat, temperature limiter, tenant heat limiter, rental thermostat, high limit thermostat, high & low level thermostat, control temp, high limit thermostat and thermostat governor which provides complete relief to landlords who are tired of paying high heat and Air conditioning bills. Our thermostats which are the original landlord thermostats are designed with landlords in mind to save them anywhere from 15% - 35% in heating & cooling costs per year.

A Cost saver for Landlords and property managers

Higher heat and air bills are a big concern for real estate owners who have rental properties. This invention has been a life saver for many landlords who have implemented them. The Tamper Proof Thermostat has reduced the high utility bills that landlords have been dealing with for years. Landlords can save up to 35 percent on heating as well as cooling costs around the year. Our thermostats are the only truly tamper proof thermostats on the market.

Why are our thermostats tamper resistant?

Settings for the Tamper proof thermostat are made directly into printed circuit board. Since the temperature settings are written into the circuit board therefore no one can change them. Not even us! This assures that your tenants won’t be able to abuse the free heat and air provided as part of the rental agreement.

Other Benefits of using our Temperature limiting Landlord Thermostats

With the obvious benefits of reduction in heat bills comes other benefits of using our thermostats which are

  1. Offer Free Heat to Tenants with peace of mind
    1. Now you can offer free heat knowing that your bill won’t be sky high but reasonable and this is an excellent perk you can use to attract new tenants
  2. You don’t need to install a thermostat lock box
    1. Our tamper proof thermostats that are specifically made for landlord and property managers can be installed in places without a lock box because the setting is already pre-programmed into the circuit board. No more dealing with lock box breakages and managing them. This alone should save you money on the purchase, install and maintenance of these lock boxes.

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